Confession: I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

Ojai, California.  10.21.12.  Where this story starts…

I have been contemplating starting a blog for months now (I know, me and everyone else you know), but could not decide what I wanted the blog to be about.  Should I focus on my new love, yoga?  Should I talk more about the old ones, blowouts and beauty products?  Showcase pictures of traveling and the beach, or write tributes to my beloved Miami Hurricanes?  Should it be funny, sarcastic, upbeat, serious?!?!

I decided to go with E. All of the Above.

I recently went on a Manifestation Retreat with one of my favorite yoga teacher/writer/inspiration leader/human beings, Jennifer Pastiloff, and realized that I have been shutting off a part of myself for many, many years.  I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t open up, I wanted to always be the STRONG one with the (outwardly) amazing life.  My connections with my beautiful new friends that weekend were mostly based on supporting THEIR struggles, and not disclosing my own.  The retreat led to an “AHA” moment a day later:

I could not admit to the imperfections in my life.  To myself, or to anyone else.

I started “confessing” them, first to Jen, and then to her blog readers.  The support they shared left me speechless, and I realized I wanted that connection with more people.  Thus the concept of this blog evolved.  My first real blog will be what I guest-blogged through Jen, and is my first step to living more honestly, building trust, and dealing with my sh*t.

I’m sure there is another singing, traveling, sports-loving, girlie yogi out there somewhere who will want to see this this journey unfold.  Hopefully everyone else will find something to identify with, or just something to support.

So here goes…



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