Confession: I Am Humbled

By the vast enormity of what this trip is in my life.

By the circumstances which led me to this tiny piece of heaven.

By the understanding of how small our piece of the world is when we travel to foreign lands.
By the kindness of strangers who make us feel safe in the unknown.
But mostly, by the beauty.  The hanging vines and the immense trees that enshroud this magnificent house.  The orchestra of cicadas that serenade every moment, along with the running water that is the background of every song.  The fragrance of my favorite Tuberose, plentiful throughout this place, scenting everything so naturally, so sweetly.  The cool feel of the iconic statues, both wood and stone carved, that show the spiritual devotion of this country.  The explosion of flavor in every bite of the food lovingly prepared by the wonderful people of Soulshine.  The easy smiles of the Balinese people, so eager to tell us more about their magical homeland.
How do I describe this beauty?  How do pictures even capture what is really hidden here, nestled among the temples and the rice paddies?
I am blessed.  I am grateful.  I am humbled.

18 thoughts on “Confession: I Am Humbled

    • Jo Ellen, I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling the same way…isn’t it wonderful? And you didn’t even have to travel halfway around the world to find it?!?! That’s something special. For now I will let Bali carry me away…xx

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  2. Lovely. Wish I were there experiencing it with you guys but loving living it through your writing, through Jen’s and through the photos I’m seeing! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing you.

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