Confession: Shameless Self-Promotion Follows

“This preoccupation with what I think I see in the mirror threatens the joy in my practice, stuck as I am in my own selfish, torturous thoughts. 

And then, about 40 minutes into this 75 minute self-esteem annihilation, something in me shifts. I think, I can’t possibly do another vinyasa; I’m not even sure I can make it into child’s pose. I’m sweaty, I’m tired, I’m broken.
The beauty of yoga, for me, comes in the breakdown. 
When the ego finally surrenders and releases. When the heart moves forward, past the head, and opens. When it becomes about the unity and not the self. This is when the magic happens.”
This is an excerpt from my newest article on MindBodyGreen. Yes, I have now officially quoted myself. I am, however, so excited to be writing for MindBodyGreen that I don’t even care! 
Please visit their site for the rest of the essay “How I Learned To See Beauty When I Look In The Mirror” and comment, share, like, tweet if you feel compelled. I am so grateful for your support as I start branching out (scary!) into new places.
PS I am also writing for a wonderful site Greenster…check out some of my articles there too!

10 thoughts on “Confession: Shameless Self-Promotion Follows

  1. Congratulations! I recently was featured on MindBodyGreen too and it is such an honor! Your posts are fantastic so I’m so glad they are going out to the world! Thanks for writing!

  2. Hi Katie – I loved your article. I came across you via Jennifer Pastiloff who writes so beautifully. I love yoga too and over years of doing different types of yoga I have felt many glimpses of forgetting the mirror (or my own inner mirror) – but then I’m back to pulling in my stomach, trying too hard or letting my mind drift to all the things I don’t love, especially when I’m off the mat. Still I’m drawn back to experiencing that feeling of self-acceptance and unity that you speak of and my current class is pulling me strongly and so little by little the mirror reflects more of the beauty of the universe that is in me and all of us. Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much for reaching out. I’m so happy there’s hope for me in being able to see the beauty of the universe more. I aspire to get to where you are on a regular basis. It’s all we can hope for!

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