Confession: I Take Things Too Personally

“It had nothing to do with me.

I created an entire story around her dislike for me, which didn’t actually exist. It wasn’t about me.

How often do we tell ourselves these stories about why we perceive someone is acting a certain way towards us? How often can we not see past ourselves and our own judgments and neuroses to what is real?

It’s tiring really, taking everything so personally.”

Except from my MindBodyGreen essay today. Please read if you also have trouble taking things too personally. I would love to hear your feedback!

“I’m Beginning to Learn Not to Take Everything Personally”



6 thoughts on “Confession: I Take Things Too Personally

  1. I could have written that. I didn’t. You did. And you did it beautifully. I have walked in those shoes so many times. I appreciate the jolt and to know I am not alone. 🙂

  2. This is amazing. Not only do I completely and totally understand and relate to you (because I am a CHRONIC “omg she hates me” type of person) but I am thoroughly impressed at your ability to explain it so succinctly. Thank you for reminding me that there are others like me, and also that I can work to NOT take it all so personally. I wish I could hit the “Like” button over and over and over.

    xoxo, g.

  3. I’ve been circling around this idea for a couple of weeks now, after an unexpected falling out with a friend that left me confused and wondering what I did… sometimes it really is all about the other person- their issues, their insecurities, etc. I am only responsible for my own actions, emotions, reactions. As long as I am ‘checked in’ with myself, I have to learn to just LET IT GO. It’s not about me.
    Thanks for this reminder! 🙂

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